Featured Student Columnist: Ugonma Kwankwo

Headshot ugonma 300x300 - Featured Student Columnist: Ugonma KwankwoAs I leave the LMU campus, I experience a rush of emotions as I stroll down Loyola Boulevard towards Manchester to pick up a few items from Ralphs. I feel safe, happy, grateful, and most of all, proud to have had the opportunity to receive my college education for the past three years in such a prime location. Having a university based in Westchester is ideal for any college student who enjoys that chaos of inner Los Angeles, but loves and respects the solitude Westchester provides. For me, Westchester is an escape—that is why I have grown to love it over the past three years.

After talking to students on LMU’s campus, I found that they, too, have a love and deep appreciation for Westchester. Peter Montesantos, a senior communications major, states that, “after transferring from a complete college town in Missouri, Westchester has shown me what it’s like to go to college in a fun, diverse, and safe location that doesn’t just revolve around LMU.” In addition, Cameron Villadiego, a senior Marketing major, spoke to me about his love for the Westchester community. He said, “What I love about Westchester is its ability to combine suburban and city life. I can live comfortably and safely within this small community, while still being conveniently located to things like beaches, concerts, and events that the city of Los Angeles is known and admired for.”

Whether it is because of the safety the neighborhood provides, its solitude, diversity, or proximity to many locations, LMU students love the Westchester community and everything it has to offer.


Ugonma Nwankwo (’16) is from Lagos, Nigeria and is a Political Science Major at LMU.